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Our Favorite 6 Bushcraft Tools Every Outdoorsman Needs

Bushcraft is a vital skill for outdoorsmen. Bushcraft involves using natural resources to build shelters and tools, and to search for food and water.

Being armed with the right tools for bushcraft can make all of the difference out there. From knives and axes to saws and fire starters, these are the essential bushcraft tools that every outdoorsman should have in their arsenal.



These multipurpose, useful tools in bushcraft will help you save lots of energy. You will need to dig into soil quickly, remove rocks from pathways or disassemble log sections easily.

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Cordage and ropes are useful pieces of equipment that are needed by serious woodsmen.

Having enough rope with your equipment will help you complete countless tasks, like tying things up securely and creating an emergency hammock if needed!

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You won't find streetlights everywhere, so an LED flashlight or headlamp is a great investment.

Because they are hands-free, headlamps can be used both hands for bushcraft activities. You can choose from a single or multiple LED light source so that you can adjust the headlamp to suit your activity. Headlamps are usually adjustable so that they fit comfortably on the head. They may also have different modes which can be useful if you need to move from one area to another.

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Fixed-Blade Knives

A quality fixed-blade knives are the best tool in bushcraft. Knife design is critical. Make sure your knife can handle complicated cutting and slicing tasks.

High-carbon and stainless steel blades are rust-resistant and easily sharpened. Consider the design aspects such as grip, which can dramatically increase safety when working on wood.

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An emergency bell is a small, lightweight device used to signal for help during a survival situation.

An emergency whistle makes a great tool in bushcraft. The loud sound of the emergency whistle can last up to one mile and is audible higher than natural sounds like wind and animals. This whistle can be used to quickly communicate with others outdoorsmen, as well as signal your location in case of an emergency.

You can also use emergency whistles to alert wildlife about your presence so they are not in danger. They are lightweight and compact, making them easy for you to carry around in your bag or pocket. They do not require any fuel or power source - they just need your lungs.

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An emergency shelter is lightweight, portable structure that can be placed in any environment to protect from the elements. You have options such as emergency blankets, tents, or tarps.

Portable shelters are usually made of polyester or nylon and are easy to set up and take down in a matter of minutes. Some designs incorporate poles that help keep the shelter up, while others have elastic cords that make them easier to store when not in use. Some models come in handy kits, which include all the items necessary for setting them up. No matter which shelter type you choose, make sure it's appropriate for your environment and climate conditions.

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Bushcraft isn’t about being dependent on modern conveniences. It’s about learning how to use what nature has given you and how to utilize any resources available. This list will help everyone, novice or experienced, to be ready for whatever nature throws at them in their next expedition into the unspoiled woods.

These are just some essential items every bushcrafter should own! These are essential items that will guarantee your success on your adventures into nature.