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8 Fallout Shelters in Michigan to Be Aware Of

Ever since mankind split the atom, the shadow of it, impossibly tiny as it is, has nonetheless loomed over the world ever since. Be it the nightmare threat of a nuclear warhead or an accidental but devastating nuclear power plant catastrophe, nuclear incidents are some of the most serious ones that preppers prep themselves for.

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And half the battle in that regard is figuring out how to stay safe from fallout. Dust-like radioactive debris that will be thrown into the air from a nuclear blast or reactor meltdown can contaminate everything it touches and everything nearby.

The best way to protect yourself from it is to get inside a sturdy shelter with thick walls and ceilings all around you.

Time is life when fallout is on the way, so to help you get out of danger quicker I’m bringing you a list of excellent but accessible fallout shelters located in Michigan.

Wayne County Building, Detroit

A grand old building that will be well known to Detroit residents and visitors, this marvel of classical architecture is built predominantly of granite, which has excellent attenuation capabilities concerning radiation.

The story of this building and what it means to the city of Detroit is a really long one and worth an article on its own.

I can’t get into it here, but what you need to know now is that it currently sits empty and unused, and the relative lack of windows plus the extraordinarily solid construction means it is perfect for protecting yourself from dangerous fallout if you can get inside.

It was also designated as a fallout shelter during the Cold War…

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

One of the foremost research universities in America, and also one of the oldest, being founded in 1817, the University of Michigan has many large concrete, brick, and other masonry buildings that have thick walls and foundations, and also basements, meaning they are perfect as fallout shelters in many regards.

Indeed, many of the buildings throughout the campus have been designated as disaster shelters for their ruggedness. If you’re nearby and have time to choose, try to get inside one with small and few windows and head to the basement if it’s available.

For larger or taller buildings, stay on the first floor and try to block off openings through which fallout might get inside.

Alpena Civic Theatre, Alpena

Housed in a mid-century building, the Alpena Civic Theatre, locally known as the ACT, is a community initiative that is run and staffed entirely by volunteers.

Though small, this sturdy brick building has very few windows and is spacious enough to hold plenty of people.

Considering it is not a central fixture in the city, it is unlikely to be swarmed by people, so if you are in the area, this is a good shelter to know about.

Benzie County Government Center, Beulah

The Benzie County Government Center is a plain, unassuming brick building that will be instantly recognizable to folks who spend a lot of time around military, government, or civic infrastructure that is built for a purpose and not to inspire.

Despite the drab appearance, this mid-20th-century complex is sturdily constructed and made predominantly from concrete with a brick fascia. It can easily withstand most natural disasters and can certainly keep you safe from fallout.

Flint Central High School, Flint

First established in 1923, the Flint Central High School building is a massive and charming brick structure that once housed 2,000 students at its peak. The good times are long behind it for both staff and students, as it was closed and has been empty since 2009.

Multiple attempts to reopen the school for use in the district have not borne fruit due to declining attendance and budgetary problems.

Nonetheless, this will be a perfect and easily accessible fallout shelter for preppers who need protection in a hurry. The tall roofs and spacious interiors will allow you to get well away from the dangerous radioactive debris outside.

City Hall, Grand Rapids

The new Grand Rapids City Hall and County Administration building is a plain and unimpressive 10-story office tower with an adjoining annex.

The exterior is almost entirely glass, which is troubling, but the spacious interior rooms will allow you to get well away from the windows and stay safe against radiation.

Lansing Community College, Lansing

A public community college founded in 1957, the main campus is an urban 42-acre sprawl located in the middle of downtown Lansing and covers approximately seven city blocks near the state capitol.

Many of the mid-century buildings were built with Cold War tensions in mind and have design elements and dedicated spaces intended for use as fallout shelters.

With heavy use of brick, concrete, and steel, they are certainly strong enough to withstand all but the most tremendous disasters and can easily protect many thousands of people from fallout at maximum capacity.

Obviously, being in the middle of a crowded urban zone, plenty of other survivors are probably going to have the same idea, so plan accordingly and have a backup in mind.

Quincy Mine, Hancock

A sprawling copper mine near Hancock, it has been out of service since 1945, though sporadic activity continued through the 1970s. Originally hosting some of the world’s longest operational mine shafts, parts of the Quincy mine plunge more than 6,000 feet below ground.

Although no longer in operation, the mine is maintained and is a popular tourist destination. The mineshafts are accessible, but the lower levels are permanently flooded.

Nonetheless, these mine shafts and the preponderance of strong brick and stone buildings on the property would make for excellent protection against fallout.

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